I promote a materialistic, insubstantial, blinded euphoric world everyday.
Living the good life is living the blind life.
Chrystal Fortt

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Saturday afternoon was our very first street-style hunt and we found these cute-casual ladies strolling around town.

All of their outfits are casual but look stylish, what they have in common is they didn’t match colors perfectly. Instead, they added accents of color that work with each other.

They also have at least one element that stands out in their outfits.

Vanessa Cabrillas’ outfit had a ruffle top and high-heel boots, these pieces really take a basic outfit and bring it to look more dressy.

Mickayla Dow used a simple dress and made a vintage look by wearing oxford shoes.

Her vintage bag also livened up her outfit with color from the floral print.

Justine Frericks played with material by outfitting her knit scarf, leather bag, and cotton blouse to make an everyday outfit noticeable.

Having fun with different colors and materials is all you need to make your Saturday afternoon outfit stylish.

-By Chrystal Fortt

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Ooh La Luxe fashion boutique kicked off a relaunch event with a fashion show, flaunting some of the most sought after trends.

On Nov. 15, Kimberly Lawson, owner of Ooh La Luxe, showcased a trendy collection that is cohesive in color, material and cut.

“Neon is huge,” she said. “So is faux leather or leather inserts; and cut-outs have been pretty big for a while.”

Lawson likes to spice up an everyday outfit by adding extra elements.

“I can’t lie and say I don’t personally love those three trends – I really do,” she said. “I think they all make an ordinary outfit or item, such as a sweater, more interesting or a feminine piece, like an A-line skirt, a bit edgier.”

One of the most eye-catching pieces of the night was an asymmetrical dress. The top was a sheer tank-cut with a leather insert accented by a flowing royal blue bottom. The dress had an edgy-meets-romantic feel to it.

One of the reasons the boutique is so intriguing is because of the not-so-common pieces Lawson chooses.

“I tend to carry items that are a little bit more fashion forward, and I don’t mind pieces that push the boundaries a bit,” Lawson said. “The overall value is great, I try to keep everything under $100, and most of my pieces are in the $30 range.”

Lawson plans on more fashion events for the upcoming seasons.

-By Chrystal Fortt

love the ombre colors

love the ombre colors

Hair (Taken with instagram)

Hair (Taken with instagram)

My tribal girl shoot

My photo shoot